About Us

Saving one party at a time with our beautiful ambiance Solar Powered Fairy Lights! Easy to set-up, requiring zero energy cost, these beautiful string of lights are perfect for creating a warm and bright atmosphere in the garden, party settings, for Christmas festivities and even weddings.

Fun DIY's (do-it-yourself) for interior and outdoor decor has us all exciting in these cost efficient Solar Powered lights. They are certainly one easy way to spruce up any setting! Lasting up to 6-8 hours once fully charged, these pretty lights are sure to take guests to some place magical in the hours to come! 

Our team wants to bring you the "Light of the Party" with these easy, not to mention environmentally friendly lights! It is our goal to bring you cost efficient and quality Fairy Lights wherever you feel could use a happy glow! 

For further inquiries contact our Customer Service Representative at: info@solarfairyledlight.com